About a week ago, @wardell30 @KlayThompson & Team USA defeated Serbia to win Gold at the @FIBA World Cup. #Spain2014

@KlayThompson dishes on what it’s like to play with sharpshooter @wardell30. Catch the full #SplashBrothers interview coming soon to @csnauthentic.

Last week, they helped Team USA win the Gold. Yesterday, they hosted a basketball clinic with their fathers. #SplashBrothers doin’ work.

The #SplashBrothers are back in town. You know what that means? #Warriors basketball is just around the corner…

The #SplashBrothers clinic, presented by Kaiser Permanente, is one-of-a-kind benefit event for the #Warriors Community Foundation. Thank you to @wardell30, @klaythompson, Dell Curry & Mychal Thompson for hosting, and thank you to all who attended!

Camp may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. 1-on-1, @klaythompson vs. Honorebel Walker. Who ya got? #SplashBrothers

That’s a wrap on the second annual #SplashBrothers Basketball Clinic, presented by Kaiser Permanente!

The #SplashBrothers dominating a game of 2ball, per usual.

Starting lineups for tonight’s #SplashBrothers Basketball Clinic, led by Steph, Dell, Klay & Mychal.

@wardell30 shows the campers how it’s done before tonight’s second annual #SplashBrothers basketball clinic tips off.

@wardell30, @KlayThompson & their fathers Dell & Mychal talk to @csnauthentic’s Monte Poole before tonight’s #SplashBrothers Clinic.

Ahoy, #DubNation! Happy #TalkLikeAPirateDay!